Each year, EBNDS organizes different cultural and sport activities, inside and outside the premises. These activities are related to our teaching programs.

  • Back to school celebration
  • Assembly for Remembrance day /Rosh Hashanah/Ramadan/Chinese New Year…
  • Scientific workshops, link to our programs
  • Visits : Botanical Garden/Biodôme/Insectarium
  • Halloween : color day and special after school activities
  • Breakfast with Moms/Breakfast with Dads
  • Books Fair (November)
  • Christmas concert
  • Sion celebration (January) : theater and skating
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, link to our programs
  • Classe neige (3 days) for the Gr.4 student
  • Semaine de la francophonie (March)
  • Mois de l’alimentation (en mars)
  • Earth Day (April)
  • Theater (during the school year)
  • Trip to Quebec City (3 days) for the Gr.5 student
  • Classe verte (3 days) Gr.3 student
  • Classe verte (1 day) Gr.1 student
  • Trip to Ottawa (3 days) Gr.6 student
  • Sports day (June)
  • Graduation ceremonies – June (Kindergarten – Gr.6)

Here are a few pictures of our school activities:

English courses


Sion Day


Space Project – Grade 1

Charlotte’s Web – Grade 3