Time to have fun

Everyone wants to have fun while learning new skills. EBNDS provides your children with a whole range of activities that are both recreational and educational.

Of course, we make sure our activities are also fun for the children. Chess, Yoga, Key board and Guitar, Basketball, Knitting and Martial Arts  are very popular.

Session 3- Extracurricular

photo EBNDS – well represented in chess championships!

A while ago, the students of our school achieved a wonderful success in the recent Scholastic Team Championships. The event took place at Collège Brébeuf on February 17th 2013. Edouard, Louis-Philippe, Adel-Ahdouga (student of Gr.5)  and George-Andrea (student of Gr.3) finished in first place in front of about 30 other schools.

A fantastic result, as the competition in chess in Greater Montreal is very tough!

That’s not all: a second team from our school participated, and finished 3rd. One member of the team was sick that day, so they had only 3 players – a serious disadvantage, as they automatically lose a point in every match between schools.

Bravo : Fares, Edouardo, and Siddarth from the Gr. 2 classes.

Congratulations to these two teams for their superb performances!