Portrait of our school

  • At E.B.N.D.S., in keeping with our Mission Statement, we accept Francophone, Anglophone and Allophone students from Kindergarten to grade 6.
  • The school is nondenominational with approximately 329 students consisting of 40 different nationalities, and from 6 different religious groups.
  • EBNDS offers an accelerated, enriched, bilingual academic program, in mother tongue French and mother tongue English.
  • From Kindergarten to Grade 4 (cycles 1 and 2), 60% of teaching takes place in French and 40% in English.
  • In grade 5 and grade 6 (cycle 3), students are taught in French 80% of the time, and in English 20%. Mother Tongue proficiency continues to be met at these percentages.
  • Our school team is made up of a Board of directors, a school principal, an administrative team, around 30 French and English faculty members, as well as monitors.
  • At EBNDS, close collaboration between all school staff creates a harmonious climate throughout our school. Partnership with parents is also very important to the child’s academic growth.
  • We are a private school with membership in two associations : la Fédération des établissements d’enseignement privé (FEEP) and the Quebec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS).
  • Also EBNDS must follow the rules and regulations set by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec (MELS) in order to get a permit, it receives no financial aid from the provincial government.
  • By being financially independent, the school is free to expand its scholastic program and increase its sphere of social responsibilities.

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