École Bilingue Notre-Dame de Sion’s Main Orientations

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E.B.N.D.S. commits to developing the preschool and elementary school student’s mastery of the competencies required to attain proficiency in both the French and English programs. The Français Langue d’Enseignment and English Language Arts programs are taught through an enriched, diverse, and intensive curriculum.

• Bring students to master and surpass the requirements of the Quebec Education program
• Bring students to reflect on the mastery of learning strategies

• Develop good work methods
• Integrate the information technologies


E.B.N.D.S. promotes and fosters a multicultural and multi-faith environment. As a result, preschool and elementary school students live in a secure environment where an overall peaceful approach to conflict resolution and respect of differences are taught and expected.
• Emphasize the respect of the differences of others and the celebration of one’s own religion and values
• Make students responsible for their behaviour
• Develop their social conscience
• Maintain a secure and peaceful environment where students can flourish both academically and socially


E.B.N.D.S. proposes that its preschool and elementary school students have access to diverse resources to be supported in their learning in order to keep up with our enriched program.

• Transmit the desire to learn, explore, and discover
• Support students needing enrichment
• Give support to students having difficulty